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OMG Menu!

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Sharing and Grazing!

OMG Wings/ Boneless Thighs

6 Wings for £4.20;                      Thighs for £4.60;
12 Wings for £7.20,                     4 Thighs for £8.60;
1kg Wings for £11.15;                 6 Thighs for £12.15

Cooked our way and dunked in either our Buffalo or Sticky BBQ sauce.

Cooked and created by our devilishly good staff , Messy!!! For you angels who want dirty faces. 6 serves one – but 12 shared with a friend – Mmmmm!!! An occasion so incredible we had to make up a word to describe it – FUNSUOUS!


Why not customise your meal and add a few extras to your burger, dog or fries.

Gin & Tonic Onion Rings     £0.60
Slow-cooked Caramelised Onions     £0.25
Mature Cheddar Cheese Slice     £0.50
Blue Cheese Slice     £0.60
Bravas Sauce     £0.25
Creamy Mushroom Sauce     £0.25
Sloppy Joanne     £1.30
Pickles     £0.25
Bacon     £1.00
Egg     £1.00
Additional Chuck Steak Burger     £3.00

Fully Loaded Nachos           £6.60

A fully loaded stack of warm nachos, dusted with smoked paprika, laying under a hefty helping of our very own Sloppy Joanne. Topped off with blow-torched melted cheddar, lime sour cream and char-grilled pineapple & sweet chilli salsa.

Chilaquiles          £6.60

Toasted tortillas dusted with smoked paprika lying under a hefty helping of a tangy and slightly spicy tomato, onion and herb sauce. Topped off with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Why not add an egg or onions for a more authentic Mexican flavour.


Our chicken are specially bred for us, having four wings and three legs. Because OMG guys and dolls, chickens have naughty bits on opposing sides they cannot breed – In frustration they pluck themselves thereby freezing to death making our life so much easier. Nah……actually we tell a lie… OMG NEVER uses frozen chickens!

Huli Hili     £7.35

Hand prepared, succulent boneless thigh infused with a traditional Huli Huli rub. Grilled to perfection on our BBQs and topped with a fruity, slightly spicy Huli Huli marinade. Laying on a bed of mixed lettuce and topped with pineapple, chilli salsa.


Dirty Biatch     £7.35

Twice cooked glorious tender soft, white chicken thighs naughtily dripping in our famous buffalo sauce topped with bacon and our own incredible blue cheese sauce on a toasted ciabatta roll.

This bad-girl is brassy, sassy and down-right bloody saucy. It’s true….gingers are the hottest and this bright orange beauty’s making no apologies. Shes going to ravish your tastebuds sensless and you’ll love it…. WARNING…. if you have children make sure they’re tucked up in bed before you succumb to such filthy self indulgence. NO child should EVER see their parents behave so badly.

Sweet Surrender     £7.35

Twice cooked gloriously tender soft, white chicken thighs lavishly bathed in our utterly unctuous sticky BBQ sauce, topped with bacon and a slice of blow torched strong cheddar on toasted ciabatta roll.

Tonight’s the night! When innocence gives way to adult funsuousness. You’ll giggle, you’ll gasp, you’ll moan our name……. OhhhhEmmmmGEEeeeeee… Can food really give this much pleasure? You bet your sweet cheeks it can!


Each 150g OMG burgers are lovingly made by hand in house from locally sourced Staffordshire chuck steak beef to which we add our own special blend of spices and seasoning.

OMG Classic     £5.55

Chuck steak burger, smothered with slow fried caramelised onions, crispy mixed lettuce, vine tomato. Served on grilled brioche with ketchup and mayo.

Our signature burger makes lurve to your taste-buds. Makes you realise what life is really about. Leaves you speechless for ages afterwards, a bloody grin, memories to last a life-time and Oh My God On your lips!

BBC     £9.85

Chuck steak burger, two twice cooked chicken thighs dripping in either hot buffalo or sticky BBQ sauce, with bacon and mature cheddar cheese. Topped off with a drizzle of our blue cheese sauce (with buffalo) or an extra slice of cheddar (with sticky BBQ).

Psychopath     £7.35

Chuck steak burger and crispy bacon, laying upon mature cheddar cheese and mayo. Chunky peanut butter seeping into every ‘nut’ and cranny.

At first look she appears normal…..well don’t they all. But the moment you sink your teeth into her you’ll be thrown into an emotional spin.

The Narcissist     £7.35

Chuck steak burger and crispy bacon, laying upon mature cheddar cheese and mayo. Creamy Mushroom sauce dripping into every nook and cranny.

This bad boy is the best tasting burger in town…well he certainly thinks so. They say the best thing when confronted with a narcissist is to turn and run the other way. But this guy will prove that not only are they alluring but some are just damn right enjoyable……Well in small measures anyway.

The Booty Call     £10.35

Chuck steak burger, crispy bacon, sausage, fried egg and hash browns. Topped with melted cheese and served on toasted a ciabatta roll with the sauce of your choice.

Not for the faint hearted!

Spitfire     £7.35

Chuck steak burger, a layer of mature cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce and garlic mayo.

Our tribute to ‘Reggie and his incredible Few’. Will you live? Will you die? Will you ever see each other again? Tomorrow’s another day and you have tonight – And your sharing what might be your last meal with your one true love. Whatever happens tomorrow you’ll always have this moment and your OMG.

Mr Grey     £7.35

Chuck steak burger, sliced blue cheese with balsamic and red wine onions. Topped with fresh salad.

BE WARNED! This bad boy is not for the faint-hearted. Its strong irresistible flavours will draw you in as only a cheeky boy from the wrong side of town can. Passion to take, to dominate, to control finally leaving you to figure out what to do next.

Fat Boy     £8.35

Two chuck steak burgers, two layers of mature cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and topped off with the sauce of your choice on a grilled brioche bun.

Once you’ve had fat – there’s no going back! Everyone knows the bestest funniest guys to be around are chunky. This devil-may-care attitude will leave you chuckling with an incredible feeling of contentment you’ve not had since your first bowl of trifle. Yum, bloody yum!

Triple B! (Big B’stards B’stard Burger)            £10.15

Three! Chuck steak burgers separated by three (yes 3!!) layers of mature cheddar cheese and crispy bacon. Topped off with our OMG BBQ sauce. Served on a toasted brioche bun.

Do you have the cahooners to take on the biggest that OMG has to offer. In homage to our founder – nuff said!

The Dogs!

We brought in the best frankfurter sausage maker me know – Kurz & Lang – Made in Germany for Germans. Only the best by the best for OMG clientele. This is one authentic sausage you will want to touch your buns!

Prince Albert     £5.30

Genuine German Kurz and Lang frankfurter on a brioche roll with caramelised onions. Topped off with ketchup and mustard.  

Who says size doesn’t matter. Germany’s finest cosseted within a French classic. 

Naughty Knickers     £6.30

German frankfurter on a torpedo roll with a tomato salsa and sliced jalapenos.

Queen B’tch      £7.30

German frankfurter on a torpedo roll covered with OMG beef chilli, caramelised onions and topped with melted cheese. 

In homage to the boss, ’nuff said!

Alamo      £9.50

Two German frankfurters on a torpedo roll covered with OMG sloppy Joanne, caramelised onions and topped with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Meat Haters!

We haven’t forgotten those of you who are a little less neandotholic than the rest of us. Veggies give us yet more scope to explore our culinary creativity since there’s only so much you can do with a dead animal.

The Latino     £6.60

Our hot bean burger topped with crispy mixed lettuce, vine tomato, char-grilled pineapple, chilli salsa on a toasted brioche bun.  

Share a date with the Latino, sit down, indulge- and enjoy! And remember…. a Latino will always go the extra mile to please their lover!

The Middle Eastern     £6.60

Falafel and spinach burger topped with lime sour cream and crispy mixed lettuce, vine tomato. Served on toasted brioche. 

Simply stunning!

Blow Me Down     £6.60

Seasonal vegetables, spices and OMG’s secret ingredient all make up this meat haters hot dog. Served on a torpedo roll with caramelised onions and topped off with pineapple salsa.

Bits on the side!

Hungry for more eh? Why not add fries and additionals to share. Make the most by turning them into a meal on their own by adding one or more incredible toppings and/ dipping pots. And if you’re thirsty we have a fantastic range of premium branded soft drinks.

Frickles          £3.15

Beer battered pickles, dusted with OMG’s cajun seasoning and served with a garlic blue cheese dip.

Coleslaw     £1.50

Finely-shredded raw cabbage, grated carrot, mayo and OMG’s secret ingredient mixed together to create this classic side addition.

Gin & Tonic Onion Rings     £3.15

Five light and crispy gin and tonic onion rings dusted with sea salt.

A terrific addition to any meal.


We have a wide range of dips to choose from including:

BBQ (with whiskey);
Garlic Mayo/Lemon & Black Pepper Mayo/ Plain Mayo;
Sour cream (Plain/Lime/Chilli/Mint);
Creamy Mushroom Sauce;
Pineapple, Chilli Salsa;
Hot Buffalo;
Hot Chilli;
Blue cheese
Garlic Blue Cheese

Taters Meducks    £3.50

Diced local Maris Piper potatoes fried and tossed with sea salt, cracked black pepper and Cajun spices. Drenched in a tangy and slightly spicy tomato, onion and herb sauce. Served with either a lime-zested sour cream or garlic mayo.

Potato Fingers    £2.00

Delicious pieces of potato gorgeousness with crunchy exterior & soft fluffy centre with OMG’s Cajun seasoning.  Nothing beats thrice cooked chips!

Jamaican Fries    £3.10

Sweet Potato Fries with OMG’s Cajun seasoning. Yea mon….A real taste of the islands. Smell the ocean, feel the sun. Our Jamaican fries are the best shared sitting on the floor, closed eyes, holding hands. Who knows where your dreams will take you. 

Girly Fries    £2.75

Southern spiced spirals of potato fluffiness designed to entice and tantalise with OMG’s Cajun seasoning.

Yum. Bloody Yum!

Kids Fishy Fingers

Three Fish Fillet fingers in golden crumb. Served with potato finger.

Kids Classic OMG

Chuck steak burger on a toasted brioche roll (optional cheese/salad/sauce). Served with potato fingers.

Kids Hot Dog

Small Kurz and Lang Frankfurter on a brioche roll. Served with potato fingers.

Kids Chicken Goujons

Two chicken breast goujons in a golden southern fried crumb. Served with potato fingers.

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